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Assignments 3 credits

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The assignments will focus on applying what you learn in class by identifying a student with recurring challenging behavior at your school and conducting a behavioral assessment to develop a behavior support plan. In the best case scenario you will have a chance to implement the plan and collect data on student outcomes and plan implementation.


To begin we need to identify a student and get permission to move forward with the assignment.



Identify a student on whom to conduct a Functional Behavioral Assessment and to develop and ideally implement a Behavior Support Plan.

  • A good candidate for your first FBA/BSP would be a student who:
    • engages in recurring problem behavior, 
    • exhibits problem behavior that is not dangerous to self or others
    • is not likely to be experiencing a change of placement or move in the near future 
    • has not responded to other interventions implemented by the teacher
  • For your first case do not choose the most challenging and complex student in the district.


Obtain permission to complete an FBA/BSP with this student


      DUE DATE = CLASS 2


Assignment #1 - School Continuum of Behavioral Supports

Learn about the continuum of supports available in your school for students with challenging behavior




Assignment #2 - FBA Interview, ABC Observation & Records Review

For this assignment complete the FACTS part A (Routines Analysis) and B FBA Interview, Records Review & ABC Observation as well as any additional information.


Form to complete for the assignment 



     DUE DATE = CLASS 4 


Assignment #3 - Behavior Support Plan: Competing Behavior Pathway & Function-Based Interventions

Complete the Competing Behavior Pathway and Identify Function-Based Interventions





Assignment #4 - Implementation & Evaluation Plan

Develop an Implementation Plan and Evaluation Plan





Assignment #5 - BSP Review & Critical Features Checklist

 Complete BSP Review meeting & use the BSP Critical Features Checklist to evaluate the materials process for your FBA/BSP case




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